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MISNON Correction Fluid
Image Item No. Specifications
Mison W-20


W-20 image
Water-based brush-type correction fluid. For warter-based marker, water-based ballpoint pen, fountain pen, PPC copy. Ideal for office use and cartooning.

20ml/plastic bottle.

Prime solvent: Water.

10 pcs./inner box, 200 pcs./carton.



Oil-based brush-type correction fluid. For water- and oil-based ink such as Oil-based marker, ballpoint pen, Typewriter and PPC copy.

20ml/plastic bottle.

Prime solvent: Methylcyclohexane.

10 pcs./inner box, 200 pcs./carton.



A-18R image
Quick-drying Oil-based brush-type correction fluid for water- and oil-based ink. Can remove applied fluid with erasers. Ideal for cartooning.

18ml/plastic bottle.

Prime solvent: Methylcyclohexane.

10 pcs./inner box/ 200 pcs./carton.

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Ink Eraser
Image Item No. Specifications
Ink Eraser 100


For removing fountain pen Blue-Black or Red ink and non-permanent felt tip marker ink. 10 boxes/inner box, 120 boxes/carton.

Liquid 1: Hydrochloric acid (18ml/plastic bottle).
Liquid 2: Hhypochlorous acid (18ml/plastic bottle).

How to use:
To erase blue, blue-black or black ink, apply Liquid 1 in the pink bottle first, then Liquid 2 in the transparent bottle. When erasing black ink, it may cause a slight light yellow discoloration.
To erase red ink, apply Liquid 2 first, then Liquid 1.


  • Cap firmly when not in use.
  • Don't mix both liquids.
  • Don't expose the bottles in a sunny place.
  • Keep away from Children.
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