NT Cutter A-300GRP
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NT Cutter A-300GRP
NT A-300GRP Brand NT Cutter
Item Type A-type Light-duty Cutter
Item No. A-300GRP
Loaded Blade
BA x 1
Color -
Spec. Sturdy and light aluminum die-cast grip. Automatic blade lock (Ratchet-lock slider).
Material Body ABS, Stainless
Slider ABS, POM, Stainless Spring
End-Cap POM
Blade SK-2 Carbon Tool Steel
Size 145 x 18 x 10 mm
Weight 37 g
Package-type Hanging Slide-Blister
Attachment -
Applicable Blade BA, BA-300, BA-51, BA-53, BA-ON

Packaging Data Quantity Type Material Size (mm) Weight (kg) Body Color Bar Code
Individual Packaging 1 pce. Slide-Blister Recycled Paper, PS 50 x 190 x 13 0.048 - JAN 4904011010125
Inner Box 20 pcs. Paper Box Recycled Paper 192 x 168 x 77 1 - ITF 34904011010126
Export Carton 200 pcs. Cardboard Box Recycled Paper 408 x 410 x 192 10.8 - ITF 64904011010127
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